Four part webinar series with coaching

'The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.' - John F. Kennedy

Become the speaker you always
wished you could be…

Most of us operate from a hidden assumption that sounding authoritative and presenting lots of facts is the best way to give a presentation. But think of the most inspiring and memorable talks you’ve been to; they engaged and entertained you. Perhaps they helped you shift a paradigm, and they may even have inspired you to take action.

It’s now becoming more important than ever to influence people over whom you have no authority. So how do you engage them, help them question their ways of thinking, and become more adaptable to change? How do you inspire and lead change simply by communicating?

‘A great experiential way to learn how to communicate more effectively…and fun!’ Mary A.

‘This program helped me to refocus on my communication strategies in small ways that gave big dividends – things like how I format emails, how I focus on my vision first to help me stay on focus of what is really important. Simple strategies that really help with workflow, messaging, feedback and so forth. I highly recommend it.’ – Program Participant

‘Loved the interactive and light hearted approach of Penny and Pratt. Effective teaching with practical application; simple!’- Maribeth

The next wave of communication know-how
has arrived. Are you ready?

Stay tuned for upcoming dates in 2018/2019

Webinar 1
Webinar 2
Webinar 3
Webinar 4