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It’s time to Evolve your Thinking.

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“I have had the good fortune to be connected to Penny Paucha and the Evolution of Thinking program over the last 10 years as I have worked in various leadership roles.  The Ontario health care system is complex, but the strategies learned are clear and manageable – put together, I believe I have been an effective and positive change agent.  This would not have happened without the Evolution’s theory of complex change management, and the one-to-one leadership coaching that I engaged with Penny during my tenure as AFHTO’s President.

Penny and team have effectively steered many individuals and groups through the navigation of their local complex change challenges, including but not limited to Health Links, Ontario Health Teams, the OCFP leadership mentoring network, the Southwest Primary Care Network, individual FHTs, and many more small and large scale change efforts.  I strongly endorse this approach.”


To achieve system integration and transformation we must abandon linear models and focus on soft skills as essential competencies. We must move from a focus on the organization to the system.

Graduates of the Evolution of Thinking Program showed the following statistically significant improvements in the following leadership skills :

  • 71.3%  increase in alignment to a common vision
  • 55% improvement in effective teamwork
  • 65% increase in strategic level thinking

Graduates reported the ability to think more flexibly and creatively even in the face of considerable stress.

Evolution of Thinking™ delivers essential skills to create high performance in complex environments. Drawing from the latest neuroscience research, the content includes brain-based mechanisms that show measurable improvements in team engagement, clarity of shared vision, and the ability to reduce threat responses.

By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Improve focus and decrease overwhelm
  • Reduce burnout and build resilience in their team
  • Craft compelling vision statements
  • Design and conduct meetings that engage others and create results
  • Create effective coalitions to drive improvements in Health Care practices across organizations
  • Delegate effectively
  • Hold others accountable
  • Develop other leaders
  • Encourage a growth mindset culture

“Our investment in the EOT program for our leadership team at CMHA has made a big difference to our team’s performance. We now have a shared language and understanding of enabling leadership and organizational performance strategies that have been invaluable, particularly during these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty.

For those of our regional partners who also took the program, we have been able to make significant progress towards some of our service integration efforts – this would have been more challenging without the shared mindset and tools from the EOT program.”


The Evolution of Thinking strategies and tools have been my lifeline and refuge in these toughest of times.

I can’t thank you enough for your leadership and coaching!


It’s time to Evolve your Thinking.

Register for the Evolution of Thinking Program today!

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