An Evolution of Thinking for Health Care Leaders:

New Skills for Navigating Teams through Complexity

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Many health system transformation efforts fall short of their potential and prove difficult to sustain. Daily, health care leaders face the challenge of managing many moving parts, including the conflicting personalities and “drama” that can escalate in complex environments. We are left with the sense that there are missing pieces in the leadership puzzle that once found would enable us to achieve our goals.

New types of leadership skills are required:

Be equipped to navigate complexity

Leaders must challenge habitual ways of thinking and acting that seek to control external conditions.

Understand how you and your team members think, interact with others and react to uncertainty and change

Understanding the brain’s threat response to change and uncertainty equips leaders to help others grow and adapt to shifting priorities and challenges.

Empower your team to act

By helping teams effectively navigate social threats, leaders can create space for creativity and innovation and lower the threshold for action.

The Evolution of thinking program provides the skills and approach needed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Greater strategic thinking
  • Build teams for greater resilience and performance
  • Greater flexibility and creativity
  • Greater ability to lead in complexity
  • More confidence to take risks
  • Can lead the difficult conversations
  • Improved patient and provider experience
  • Increased autonomy and problem solving at the frontline
  • Improved stakeholder engagement
  • Improved working relationships among partners
  • More appropriate use of resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved system planning and coordination
  • Reduced wait lists
  • Decreased ED visits
  • Decreased hospital admissions
  • Decreased length of stay

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